Friday, June 14, 2013

My Mother Drunk or Sober

GK Chesterton once said that the form of patriotism "My Country right or wrong" is like declaring "My Country Drunk or Sober". On today's flag day, I offer this group of Youtube videos tracing the development of Our Country.

From the original dream:

(note the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus present as President George W. Bush accepts a visit from Pope Benedict, and this was actually on CNN a few years back)

To this speech by Red Skelton:

To the nightmare that really began back in the 1960s:

That in three short decades became this:

Which has become this nightmare

And this nightmare:

Which of course recently broke into the news as this:

(obviously the people who believe this statement don't understand how VOIP works- retrieving the backbone logs for a given phone call, once identified, is trivial for anybody who actually has the security access the NSA does)

And of course, that finished to this:

I will be posting the song that inspired this in a later post- but before that, I will give you a preview of that post with The Brave New 1984- coming true in 2013

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