Monday, June 17, 2013

Almost done

Hard to believe somebody with Asperger's could do what I've done, but I've done it. Two more duties left- the breakfast/membership drive at St. Clare's on June 30th, and the *beginning* of the July meeting, and then I'm done. John Clare Council 15485 is finishing the first year with Star Council award, Columbian Award, and an active Food for Families program. And positive in the bank. I've birthed this baby, now to watch it grow!


Bill S said...

That's great, Ted. I am re-examining my faith because of the inspiration I get from people like you. From a pragmatic point of view, faith can do wonders. I have to be honest and say that faith has provided motivation that is now lacking in my life. Congratulations for all you've achieved. Cut gays some slack and you will have something else to feel good about.

Theodore Seeber said...

I do cut them some slack- I supported the civil unions law back in the day and due to the sad state of *heterosexual* marriage, I support its expansion.

My local parish has both Dignity and Courage chapters, and while I've yet to recruit a Knight from either I keep trying so that we can more closely support these ministries.

Equality is a good thing. Special interests getting special rights from government, not so much.

That to me is quite a bit of slack.

I just wish that they'd cut ME some slack. At least enough to raise my child without worrying about him getting hit on in grade school.

Theodore Seeber said...

What I found most interesting in the last year though- was that I needed to have faith in myself.

I have to wonder if that is something that homosexuals are really looking for.

Bill S said...

"Equality is a good thing. Special interests getting special rights from government, not so much."

Yes. I agree with that entirely. Any right that a heterosexual has, a homosexual should have the same. Anything you wouldn't do to, say, an African American, you shouldn't do to a homosexual.

Theodore Seeber said...

I'll agree with that. Which is why I utterly *disagree* with the government interfering in religious marriage. Civil unions would separate that, creating equality and eliminating the interference.

There's no need to discriminate against incestous relationships either.

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