Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A much better view of Catholic, and human, sexuality

Focus only on the sin of non-procreative sex, you may miss the beauty of procreatie sex


Bill S said...

Any way you slice it, it always comes out the same. Having sex in any manner that is not open to reproduction is frowned upon by the Catholic Church. End of story.

Nevermind the fact that sex is one of the, if not THE, ultimate pleasures in life, the Catholic Church condemns it when it is not done in a manner that at least has a chance of leading to reproduction.

To show how hung up these supposedly celibate men are about sex, they insist that the mother of Jesus never had sex. Not before his birth not after it, even though he had brothers and sisters. The idea of a Virgin Birth is taken from earlier religions and it would not be unexpected that the Christian god would follow in the footsteps of prior gods. Saying that Mary never had sex makes celibacy seem like a good thing instead of a pathetic way to live.

So, sex that is not open to creating a new life is evil, making homosexuals and those who use contraception sinners. Right.

Theodore Seeber said...

I find food to be far more pleasurable than sex- but then again, that's MY favorite sin. Sex is downright boring in comparison to a good Hollandaise Sauce (which I can no longer have due to health issues).

And I see promiscuity and being used as a sex slave being a far worse way to live than celibacy.

If you understand the Aramaic, there is no difference between the word for brother and the word for a male cousin, the word for sister and the word for a female cousin. On top of that, if you read the Syriac Gospel of Mary, you'll learn that Mary was Joseph's third wife, taken when the temple closed down- previous to that, she had been an Essene Consecrated Virgin for 10 years.

Don't you find it a bit embarrassing that Atheism has to rely on Protestant Sola Scriptura for arguments?

Bill S said...

How do you know so much?

I'm not buying that James et al were Jesus' cousins and not his siblings. I am 99% certain that Mary had sex.

Theodore Seeber said...

The gift of Asperger's: 1500 WPM reading speed, and a love of both the Holy and the Profane.

So much so that I taught myself to read Hebrew, Greek, and Syriac/Aramaic back in high school (though my pronunciation is atrocious, as is, surprisingly enough, my pronunciation of many English words that I learned first from books rather than talking to people- I still don't like talking to people).

Repeat after me: Reality is not dependent upon my skepticism or suspicion.

That is something I need to work on too. I think a *large* part of my opposition to novel ideas in general is the fact that I don't trust people who have hurt me.

Bill S said...

You are definitely intelligent. But I wonder if your propensity to exaggerate and take extreme positions on controversial issues is due to some kind of disorder. Like having sex using a condom is rape, etc.

Theodore Seeber said...

Those extreme positions, as you call them, I came to by examining the data. I cannot go where the data does not lead.

If you think I'm bad on the sexual libertines, go back to 2009 in the archives and see what I wrote about the fiscal libertines. I'm pretty sure that with Pope Francis being elected, this blog will return to that topic soon.

In fact, recently I returned to that topic in a comment on Caelum Et Terra- where I disagreed with the concept that large families cause poverty. I put the blame for poverty squarely on the backs of the fiscal libertines.

Theodore Seeber said...

Ok, now that is Ironic- I had completely forgotten that I had already started in on the fiscal libertines with this post:
The Inverse Proportional Relationship Between Material and Spiritual Poverty

Bill S said...

"Those extreme positions, as you call them, I came to by examining the data. I cannot go where the data does not lead."

I would think that data would lead to a position that would be less extreme than the one that you usually take. For example STDs should lead one to advocate safe sex as opposed to abstinence. Abortions should prompt one to promote contraception, etc.

Theodore Seeber said...

There is no safe sex other than abstinence, if you look at the data. Contraceptives have various failure rates. Non-committed partners on merely verbal contracts of consent lie all the time.

Contraception promotes abortion.

Bill S said...

Yes. I can see where that might be so. I am for contraception and then, if that fails, abortion. I still think the former will reduce the number of the latter. I don't see abstinence as being enforceable or practical. It's just not going to happen in this society.

Theodore Seeber said...

Abstinence isn't enforceable, but it is practical. FAR more practical than other forms of contraception, which have a material cost.

Hmm, I think you've just given me an idea for a blog posting for "Abstinence vs Contraception, the Sustainable Preparedness Angle"

Been thinking a lot about that lately, ever since Rebecca posted about her potential political problems spending money on storm shelters for grade schools.

Bill S said...


Abstinence is not a good way to live. I would much rather make love to my wife when we both want to. There is nothing noble about living a married life in which one cannot enjoy the best part.

Theodore Seeber said...

I don't understand- why is abstinence not a good way to live?

Seems to me it leaves more energy for other pursuits.

And to me, the best part of being married comes at a time when one of you is absolutely incapable.

An interesting question a priest once asked me: If your wife was in a car accident tomorrow, and you could never have sex again with her for the rest of your life, would you stay with her?

My answer is an unqualified yes, because sex just isn't that important of a part of our lives.

But you are beginning to show me why Newt Gingrich acted the way he did with his first wife.

Bill S said...

"I don't understand- why is abstinence not a good way to live?"

How can you say that? Don't you enjoy sex?

Theodore Seeber said...

It is enjoyable, but I can think of several hundred activities in my life that are more enjoyable.

Bill S said...

I can't.

Theodore Seeber said...

I know you can't- and neither can most of America anymore. Hormone addiction is indeed a terrible thing that removes pleasure from the rest of life.

Bill S said...

If not for its purpose of procreation, sex would be a bad thing to you. I get it. But it is not a bad thing to derive pleasure from sex, even if not for procreation.

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