Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Slippery Slope Defined

Almighty God, We Acknowledge Our Dependence Upon Thee, And Ask for Your Blessings, on Us, Our Parents, Our Teachers, and Our Country.

That's what kids used to say daily right alongside the Pledge of Allegiance. My generation did not learn those words. And today- we have abortion, divorce, gay marriage, and over 50% of children come from single parent homes. There is even a movement to remove pedophilia from mental disorders the same step taken with homosexuality back in the 1950s. And the Gosnell murder trial, covered almost not at all on a national scale shows the utter lack of outrage needed to force government to even make abortion sterile, let alone safe for the mother (it will never be safe for the child, thus I don't hold to the "safe, legal, and rare" in that aborition by very nature can never become those three things).

The slippery slope. Once thought to be a logical fallacy, proven by 40 years of direct experimentation.

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