Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lust makes love into violence

The Primitive Cruelty of Modern “Love” | Crisis Magazine:

Yesterday I was once again trying to explain my belief in marriage to the moderns.  I wish I had read this article first.

The reason I see non-marital and non-procreative sex as rape is because lust is violent.  Lust is always violent, the only thing that makes it even somewhat acceptable is adding selflessness, sacrifice, generosity and commitment to it.

Homosexuality isn't self-sacrificial, and thus can't raise to the level of dignity and nobility heterosexual monogamy can.

Heterosexual polygamy also fails to be self sacrificial, even when it is serial instead of parallel.

And that's why heterosexual monogamy is the best and most complete anti-poverty program ever; both spiritual and material poverty is relieved by it.

Too bad we've largely lost chivalry.

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