Monday, December 3, 2012

Keep Portland Weird, or Keep Portland White?

Portland Public Schools has allowed Planned Parenthood to teach children at different schools and give children money to learn how to not have children. But the list of schools is very interesting when compared with demographic information.
School Students that are White Planned Parenthood on Campus?
Jefferson 17.2% Yes
Benson 28.7% Yes
Roosevelt 30.8% Yes
Madison 37.2% Yes
Franklin 49.5% No
Grant 65.6% No
Cleveland 68.7% No
Lincoln 75.4% No
Wilson 77.8% No

The implication, I believe, is clear. For Portland Public Schools in white-bread Portland, Oregon at least, Project Negro never ended. Planned Parenthood was specifically invited into those schools that have majority nonwhite students. Portland has learned NOTHING in the last 100 years when the KKK tried to close all the Catholic Schools because they didn't want "Those People" here; and today, "Those People" may have changed by they're still trying to prevent "Those People" from breeding.

This isn't about AIDS reduction, this isn't about "Women's Health", this is about racism- population control of groups seen as less than human by the majority-white Portland Public School Board.

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