Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rift in the Church: Who has the better argument? | The Lewis Crusade

The Rift in the Church: Who has the better argument? | The Lewis Crusade:

One of my favorite secular country music songs is "Burning Bridge" by George Strait.  It is a deeply philosophical song that claims that a man sees best "by the light of a burning bridge", that is only while breaking the ties that bind.

John is a man with Marfan Syndrome.  He's not long for this world, in fact, he's lived more than 20 years past what his doctors predicted he would die.  He's viewing this world from the light of his own burning bridge.

And what he has to say about the Church is downright fascinating.  It is the history that American Catholics- on both the left and the right- are trying to actively hide.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot.

Since I became unemployed, I've gotten very depressed. It doesn't help that the wifi isn't working on my laptop and my wife uses the entire front of the house for the daycare, which is our only source of income at the moment other than my unemployment check. That hasn't hurt too bad yet, but it has stopped my blog posting as regularly while I search for a new job. They say searching for a job is a full time job in and of itself; add a 9 year old special needs boy to the mix who is home for Christmas Break, and it becomes a job and a half. But I'm getting there. Off to update my Linked In profile until I hit 100% complete.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 laws that would work better

In light of the recent tragedies, gun control is in the news again. Classic gun control is about controlling either weapon or ammo. But here are 5 potential laws that could prevent gun violence by controlling people rather than guns:
1. Metal detectors in every public building, set high enough to prevent false positives but low enough to catch an AR-15, tied into the fire alarm system. Evacuate if it goes off, depriving the shooter his victims.
2. Tie mental health records into police records, and create a no-sell database that can be accessed by smartphone using bar code reading of official ID and merely returns a sell or don't sell return. Make it mandatory for all gun sellers and gun shows, including private sales.
3. Divorce is a danger sign that somebody's life is becoming unstable. 8 murder suicides in Oregon since 2008 were linked to divorce. Filing for divorce should trigger a temporary gun confiscation for both spouses, and should be grounds for a search warrant. Likewise, while often less violent, widowers are in danger of suicide and should be watched closer.
4. Better depression support. As our society becomes more secular, we are losing the emotional support that religion provides. There should be support for those who fall into despair, and there is not. The fact that most incidents lately end with the suicide of the shooter is an indication of the real problem.
5. RFID tags on all weapons and any other valuable property. If stolen, these tags should be the type that can be read at a distance. They should be waterproof, very hard to remove, and be handed out for free by law enforcement; scanners should be able to be purchased by the public as well as used by law enforcement.

There is some cost to this. As there is for everything. But the benefits of these 5 laws is important. And solves other problems than the original, so should be done anyway.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Keep Portland Weird, or Keep Portland White?

Portland Public Schools has allowed Planned Parenthood to teach children at different schools and give children money to learn how to not have children. But the list of schools is very interesting when compared with demographic information.
School Students that are White Planned Parenthood on Campus?
Jefferson 17.2% Yes
Benson 28.7% Yes
Roosevelt 30.8% Yes
Madison 37.2% Yes
Franklin 49.5% No
Grant 65.6% No
Cleveland 68.7% No
Lincoln 75.4% No
Wilson 77.8% No

The implication, I believe, is clear. For Portland Public Schools in white-bread Portland, Oregon at least, Project Negro never ended. Planned Parenthood was specifically invited into those schools that have majority nonwhite students. Portland has learned NOTHING in the last 100 years when the KKK tried to close all the Catholic Schools because they didn't want "Those People" here; and today, "Those People" may have changed by they're still trying to prevent "Those People" from breeding.

This isn't about AIDS reduction, this isn't about "Women's Health", this is about racism- population control of groups seen as less than human by the majority-white Portland Public School Board.
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