Monday, November 26, 2012

Life and love

I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship with Michael Voris. I've been banned from commenting on his youtube channel for asking about a scathing comment he made about Social Justice Catholics and Soup Kitchens a while back. I also often don't like his strong Republican Catholic Politics that seem to run through his videos. It often reminds me of Thomas E. Woods telling the pope that morality doesn't have anything to do with economics.

Having said that, every once in a while Michael Voris hits upon something very good and orthodox that can heal the pro-life/social justice divide. Today's video on the job of Catholics being primarily saving souls rather than saving lives, is an excellent inroad to that divide. I've often said our best weapon against abortion and euthanasia, is simple charity- and same against the lust filled, love denying scourge of homosexual "marriage" that is now attacking so many young people, trying to teach them to ignore love and substitute lust instead.

Laws will never solve the problems that an authentic Catholic pro-life movement faces; but charity and conversion can. You can't stop Planned Parenthood very easily- but you can rob them of patients by providing food, clothing, and shelter to a young woman who has had her chastity violated. You can't stop a terminally ill patient from taking poison to preserve his family's inheritance, but you CAN donate to provide hospice care so that such a patient is not tempted to suicide. You can't stop a bank from making a family homeless- but you can give that family the support they need to get back on their feet. You can't stop those who hate authentic love from spreading a contraceptive, lust separated from love and procreation mentality to our young people, but you CAN organize chaperoned social activities for those same young people that protect their chastity while letting them learn about the opposite gender.

Social justice and pro-life need not be enemies. Nobody should, by analogy, tell the poor to have as many children as possible then refuse to let the father earn enough money to feed them (Republican anti-union side); and nobody should tell the pregnant single mother with four children that she will only be admitted to the soup kitchen if she kills the fifth (Democratic pro-abortion side). In respecting life- all life- even the unwanted and unplanned and children of rape and incest- even the unhoused and unfortunate victims of capitalism- we can begin to find truly Catholic Unity. And when we find that unity, we will find converts by our very example.

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