Friday, October 26, 2012

Two very old science fiction novels

Two novels by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson that I recently read have greatly affected my view of the pro-life movement; particularly with respect to Euthanasia. I heartily recommend them to those who like steampunk science fiction; even though they were written nearly 100 years ago and were NOT considered steampunk at the time. The first novel, _The Lord of the World_ was science fiction in it's time, but today would be Steampunk Dystopia- much like George Orwell's 1984, it predicts an utter socialist totalitarian government taking over the world. Euthanasia is not only common, but at the end of the book, nuking Rome and then Nazareth became the solution for The Catholic Problem. The second novel, a bit of a prequel to the first, called _The Dawn of All_ deals with the near death experience of a ex-Catholic in the last stages of terminal cancer, who is given a vision of what the world would be like if Catholicism reigned supreme. Before the coma, he was given the choice between last rights and hospice; and had chosen hospice. After the coma, he was calling for a priest. I found them to be very interesting reading. Two examples of steampunk technology from them: The Volors, basically that world's version of our modern jetliners, which are actually lighter than air craft. And the un-named method of long distance communication, which seems to be some form of speech recognition telegraph.

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