Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My definition of rape

Using another human being for sexual pleasure with no concern for either that person's immortal soul nor intent to create a new life and spend the time it will take to bring that new life to the point of being a functional citizen of civilization. Thus, homosexuality is rape. Thus, one night heterosexual stands are rape. Thus, premarital sex, even with "consent", is rape. Thus, everything the videos on Take Care Down There teach teenagers to do, is rape. Do you understand yet? ------------ Edit- after I posted this this morning (in my defense I've been very busy at work up until now) I found out about Amanda Todd in Vancouver- who was so tormented by our sexual culture, including being tricked into sexting and being exposed on the internet, just like TOP intends to do with students from Benson High, that she committed suicide.


Brian Pansky said...

was a bit long of a definition, could shorten it into:

enjoyment of sexual arousal that is not being done by someone devoting their life to jesus.

Theodore Seeber said...

Someone devoting their life to Jesus can still sin. A married pagan man and woman who are open to life and using sex to grow their family are not commiting rape by this definition, so no, that is not equivalent. Jesus has little to do with it- but God does have something to do with it.

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