Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why I am against gay marriage part II

Natural Law, Homosexuality and Genetic Disorders | The Lewis Crusade:

As this other individual suffering from genetic diseases can proclaim, genetic disease means you're not capable of certain actions.  One symptom of my autism is a struggle with the mortal sin of gluttony.  Due to this I can no longer go on many carnival rides with my son.  At 300 lbs, I simply no longer fit in the seatbelts.

You can live without sex.  You can even have rather intimate human relationships without sex.  Catholic moral code is discovered, like physical laws, not enacted, like your nation's laws.  Change the language all you want, you can't defeat the REAL Natural Law, any more than you can eat radio signals.


Alejandro Rodríguez said...

Well, one would compare sexual orientation more to being left handed than autism. Not common but not bad either. I still don't understand the logic against same sex marriage. It creates a more egalitarian society, it is a step against discrimination there's nothing wrong with the state allowing it. You may disagree with homosexual acts, and probably would like to see them disappear, but so do many people with religion or other things. In the end, why don't you just let people that you disagree with live on with their lives and achieve their happiness?

Theodore Seeber said...

Yes you can. A left handed person is incapable of writing with their right hand. And homosexuals are incapable of the misery that is marriage.

Marriage is not about happiness. It is about resource allocation for the future. A future that homosexuals are as incapable of taking part in as left handed people are of writing legibly with their right hand. The real discrimination is the lie- and that is what marriage merely for happiness is- a lie. It is the cause of divorce.

I would like to see homosexual acts disappear, for the same reason that I would like to see premarital heterosexuality disappear. Because it is a form of rape and harms the participants regardless of consent.

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