Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why am I against gay marriage?

Because one of the primary purposes the gay agenda has is to raise children. And all of the early data suggests that gay parenting raises malformed citizens.


Alejandro Rodríguez said...

One case. One case of same sex parenting is not an example against it in general. One could say the same about different sex parenting. There are probably thousands if not millions of children living in disfunctional families, being beaten and what not. Does this disprove different sex parenting? I doubt so and of course you will say that that's not the case too.

Theodore Seeber said...

This is one story out of 228 in the study. No unharmed children of homosexuals could be found. Same with unharmed children of heterosexual divorce. NO child can be unaffected by not being raised in a traditional home.

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