Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two Fallen Angels, two drastically different outcomes

I wrote a bit back on Fr. Angel Perez of Woodburn, OR and Pastor Angel Perez of Kissimmee, FL. Both men were charged with sex abuse of young children this past summer.

But some curious differences have arisen between Fr. Perez and Pastor Perez. And while I'm not real sure, there seems to be a correlation between theological differences inspiring bias in the system. I invite any and all readers to leave their explanations for these differences in the comment box.

Fr. PerezPastor Perez
Bail: Fr. Perez is being held without bail, his unlimited loan from the Archdiocese for his Lawyer is cited towards making him a flight risk, his position with the church is cited as giving him further contact with children, the fact that none of his victim's supporters showed up in court where several parishioners supporting him did turned out to be a negative.Pastor Perez was let out on bail as he protested his innocence, and proceeded to embezzle funds for the bail from the church.
Fr. Perez instantly felt guilty when caught- even when still drunk went over to the kid's house to beg his family to stay in the church despite his personal sin.Pastor Perez on the other hand, not so much- he is still protesting his innocence several months later.

I will add more to the above table as this story continues. But I find it highly interesting that the Protestant is not living up to his crime, but is given leniency during the process; but the Catholic Priest who confesses and admits his crime they're treating like a major danger to the community.

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