Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The sad case of a Fallen Angel

What a difference a few decades can make. MOST of the clergy abuse sex scandals took place 1956-1986, with cases coming into view in the mid 1990s. In 2002, Fr. Angel Perez was ordained in the midst of the sex scandals, he often labeled this as a sin. Nobody ever expected such a pious priest to be accused. Now, less than a week after Fr. Perez fell from grace, everybody's talking it seems.

Clericalism is indeed a heresy, but it seems in Oregon at least, the combination of the Archdiocese Bankruptcy and Americanist Liberalism as a result of the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandals has now destroyed *ANY* false respect for the priesthood when the priest is not worthy of it. This in and of itself is a good thing- our Church may be a hierarchy, but sometimes the people holding the office are not worthy of the office.

Now, as to Fr. Angel's specific case. While clearly alcohol played a role, there are many other disturbing bits of evidence in this article. Thank God this child clearly had Called to Protect training as a part of his CCD classes (as is mandatory now in the Archdiocese of Portland) and reported the abuse right away, not to church officials, but to the police as is proper.

The attempt a few days before to plan a camping trip with the child should have been a huge red flag right there. This isn't a Catholic-era Hollywood Movie about Boys Town, you don't let a child spend the night with an unmarried man or woman who is not a relative. Ever. The only exception to this rule should be foster care or adoption, with random visits by the authorities.

Secondly, it's clear to me that despite the priest trying to blame his sin on his alcoholism, this was pre-planned, else why would the air mattress be out on the floor, and the movie in the DVD player? And why didn't the priest invite the whole family over?

Third, the public intoxication. Why was a priest drinking at a parish picnic to begin with, let alone to excess?

Fourth the parents. Why would ANY parent let their 12 year old sleep overnight alone with an unrelated adult in this day and age?

These four items, and this story, need to be added to the Called to Protect series as a warning to all parents, catechists, and priests. This behavior is inexcusable. The only thing that went right- the police begun their investigation, and indeed made the arrest, before anybody at the Archdiocese was ever aware of the complaint. THAT is how you should handle clergy abuse.


I'd be glad to trade our Fallen Angel for the one of the same name from Kissamee Florida who apparently is only accused of financial embezzlement.----Update to my update, apparently I was wrong. The Angel Perez in Florida is a Pentecostal pastor- and he IS charged with sexual abuse as well.

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