Friday, August 3, 2012

The problem with postmodern Christianity

Is that there's no actual Christ in it. Or much of anything else. 400 blank pages is about right for a Catechism of Postmodern Christianity. There is no philosophical difference between postmodern Christianity, neo-Paganism, and Atheism- if it feels good, do it. We used to call that Hedonism. But really it's a form of Egoism- the worship of one's own selfish desires, sometimes turned outwardly towards good works, but only when convenient. This requires NO effort of conversion on the part of the individual- instead of changing to meet God, you change God to meet you- and in so doing, remove all objective definition of either God or Morality. I see no purpose whatsoever in postmodernist Christianity- you can be an atheist and run a shelter and a soup kitchen if it makes you feel good.

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