Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time is an aspect of God

The reason arguing with atheists online is useful, despite the fact I doubt I've ever convinced anybody or ever will, is that I learn new things about my own Catholic faith. For instance, I recently ran across this little gem that I will paraphrase: God doesn't need to do anything to destroy the universe should he choose to; God would need to *stop* doing something to destroy the universe. What a profound idea. The idea that NOTHING we observe, no event we observe, could possibly happen without God. He's the ultimate cause, EVERY other cause is a subset of him. Including our own free will. Including all good. Including what we perceive as evil because we're too limited to understand the reasons behind the cause. Everything. Thus the idea- one of God's main powers is total control over time. He needs to *actively* will time to continue, in the direction that it continues. He's omnipresent on the time scale- that is, there is no time that He doesn't exist because without Him, time itself would not exist. It's non-falsifiable, so outside of the realm of science, we're definitely talking theology here, but it's still a very profound bit of theology- one that provides an alternate explanation to the phenomena that Stephen Hawking has observed.

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