Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pro-choicers: Why they hate us

A woman at church gave me new insight today into the pro-choice movement. And "social justice" pro-choice Catholics in general. They hate those who suffer, because they suffer. So much so that they think death is better than life; that death is better than suffering. They claim that the simple is complicated- when to me, preventing somebody's birth, either through contraception or abortion, is as great as a statement of hatred as torture and war. And they've twisted this around to be a form of love; it's charity in their mind to kill the suffering. This is not Catholicism- this is atheism writ large; the wish to destroy those who get in their way of a perfect world. But here's the positive- they're turning off their own supporters. A Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus once said that our best weapon against abortion is not law, but charity. However, as long as one child is denied the right to life, as long as God's will is thwarted by the actions of man, and as long as the NDAA2012 is in place and they keep building the concentration camps to put pro-lifers in; people like me are not human. We do not have basic human rights. We don't have the right to life, and without the right to life *NO* other right matters- the right to choice itself makes no sense because the child has no choice. We need a culture of life- as long as one child can be killed because they get in somebody's way, then it is only a matter of time before priests are targeted by drones while saying Mass.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Social Justice is a socialist move, that Protestant Churches have mastered to their demise.

Theodore Seeber said...

Not quite, Mr. McGranor. Social justice is just about providing justice in unjust situations. Socialism is a con game to deprive people of the right to private property. They're actually opposites, because you can't have social justice without an absolute, universal right to private property.

The problem comes in when you provide that universal right to private property by removing the right to life from anybody who doesn't have property- or whose lives will be a net loss for the family or for society.

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