Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where charity should rightly end, and sorrow begin

Let me get this straight A bunch of family planning eugenicists don't like what the church teaches about human sexuality, and utterly disagree with the Pope, while holding Obama up to be a Saint on Earth who hath brought free contraception to all through the insurance companies. They don't understand the concept of the government forcing people to materially cooperate in sin is wrong, so they buy into the idea that the fake accounting trick that the Obama Administration is putting forth will fool both Man and God. Oh yeah, and the problem isn't with Obama, it's with the Pope.

I've got news for you Democrats out there who prefer Obama to Pope Benedict XVI- Martin Luther solved your problem for you 500 years ago. Seeing as how you no longer believe in Apostolic Authority, there are 30,000 other Christian religions to choose from that deny it. Why don't you go find one of them to join instead of attempting to force 1.1 billion faithful Catholics to remake the Church in YOUR image?

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