Monday, February 6, 2012

What is wrong with Marriage in America today

I was just watching this weekend's rerun of Fulton Sheen's Life is Worth Living on EWTN- and he said something that struck me a being inspired- the dear Archbishop of New York often was, which is what got him a TV show that ran for 40 years. He said that technology in America is beginning, in the 1960s, to affect our love lives. Love, you see, isn't mechanical, it's emotional. Sex is mechanical. And when you separate sex from procreation- you separate sex from love.
Sex is replaceable. But Love is not replaceable. Love is mutual needing- Love is mutual listening. Sex can be a part of it sure- but Love is much more than just sex. It's romance. Too many people take love for granted- love takes work, it is fragile, it needs constant care. To a woman love is a drama, to a man it's an intermission- but to survive it must become a drama. It requires commitment and work.
And that's why I say that marriage must be based not on love, but on commitment. Love is the shifting sand. Commitment is the bedrock. You can't build a house on the shifting sand- but you can build it on the bedrock of commitment.

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