Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An idea for a new pro-life movement

Buy 5th graders chickens.

Not just any chickens- fertilized eggs and an incubator.

It has become painfully apparent to me that most urban pro-choice Americans can't tell the difference between a unfertilized egg and a fertilized egg. That's ok, lots of experts can't either. But to compare the human embryo to an unfertilized egg just shows an incredible ignorance of how sex works.

Thus the lesson. Don't make it to overt- but do call it "The Miracle of Life, a Scientific Experiment". In the brochures and reading material, explain fertilization on a 5th grade level. Include a description of what the mother hen does naturally after the eggs have been fertilized. Watch the robot incubator do the same.

This $200 incubator could help 30 students learn enough science to resist the lies of the pro-choice movement

And here's an even cheaper one, that comes with three eggs.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rule of Law is impossible without Enforcers

Libertarians drive me crazy. I guess because at my heart, I'm anti-liberty. Or at least their form of liberty, which always seems to me to be "The government has no right to tell me when I'm wrong". They claim rule of law is a major portion of how to construct a free market, then they deny the government the right to enforce the law. They abhor the use of force- so they say- but in reality it always comes down to they abhor the government using force- your neighbor owning enough weapons to take away your food stash in a SHTF level emergency is *just fine* with most libertarians, in fact, they often argue for the right to own whatever weapons you wish. So when I recently read in an opinion article on Margaret Thatcher that she believed both in Rule of Law and Hayek's _The Constitution of Liberty_, I had to cry foul- for _The Constitution of Liberty_, despite the claim that it supports the Rule of Law, only really supports the Rule of Liberty, which is let the scoundrels get away with whatever fraud they want. His postscript to the work, "Why I am not a conservative" says it all- he rejects the role of government in helping to define one universal morality, one Catholic morality.
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