Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is Free Will, abused, Original Sin?

It may be the Asperger's. It may be that while I'm quite intelligent, a 156 IQ is not enough to understand high theology.

But "the stain of Original sin" seems to be defined in the Church more by what it is NOT, than what it IS.

It's not sex, though that's an easy mistake to make from the common version of the story of Adam and Eve.

It isn't women- though a woman is said to have brought it into the world, that's only an allegorical myth.

It isn't even, strictly speaking, disobedience, though that too plays a role.

But here's my thought- and it might only be because I'm finally, at 40, growing some scrupulosity. And because I live in a country with a culture that everywhere you look, somebody is abusing freedom to commit evils and crimes against his fellow man, instead of working together.

Original Sin is the Abuse of Free Will. It is the use of free will, regardless of original intent, to harm another human being. Note I didn't say a person- Roe Vs Wade is a part of the "freedom of choice" and thus an exercise in free will.

All human sin, intentional and otherwise, springs from this; use of the will to harm another.

So am I right? Is the use of liberty to commit evil Original Sin? If so, many previous generations were less sinful than we are.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

Original sin encourages an uncultivated free-will.

Ted Seeber said...

So you'd say it's the other way around? That Original Sin causes disobedience, rather than disobedience *being* original sin?

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