Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are we our brother's keeper?

Opposition to providing every human being with health care *of some sort* is Cain and Abel all over again.

I *am* my brother's keeper. Matthew 25 says I will be judged by how I treat him. By what stretch of the imagination can we be greedy and say "I don't care what happens to him"?

And the wages for this sin aren't far behind. In today's world where oppressed people commit acts of terrorism, the lack of health care is a HUGE defensive hole that fails to be filled. If I were al Qaida, I'd be concentrating on highly contagious diseases. Far better than a suicide bomber with a vest of dynamite, is one guy with a cough and a bunch of frequent flyer miles in a country with inadequate health care.

Friday, March 19, 2010

My life gets VERY weird

Or at least, some people I'm close to are getting strange.

Christopher's godparents are getting a divorce- and she's cracking up, been diagnosed with a whole host of mental illness problems.

Our pastor at St. Clare's has decided at 57 that he no longer wants to be alone the rest of his life- at least he's doing the right thing by resigning from the priesthood instead of causing a scandal by breaking his vow of celibacy. I admire his integrity in this choice, but what timing! He'll be lucky to have a job again in less than six months- right now the average unemployment period in Oregon for *anybody* is more like a year or two. Six applicants for every job. OTOH, for his direct problem of loneliness attached to his vow of celibacy- he's the man, he's the man, he's the man- who doesn't exist. Moral, upright, never been divorced because he's never been married, and over 50, an age where single women outnumber single men 2:1. I suspect he'll have a girlfriend or six within a week of saying his last mass on Sunday.

Deadlines at work this week mean I have no time to process the above, and whammo- my car died on the commute this morning. Spent an extra $45 for a rental car for today- but I fully intend to return it this evening. Luckily next week is spring break- Shannon can help ferry me around somewhat, and Trimet can take care of the rest.
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