Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have we reached the bottom of the slippery slope yet?

Apparently, in Virginia, a child is not considered to be born or to be a separate life until the umbilical cord is cut, thus making this murder nothing more than a legal third trimester abortion there.

And pro-choicers tell me that infanticide isn't part of a woman's right to choose.

I actually see two bottoms to this slippery slope. The first is cases like this, but the second is eugenics- the use of abortion to eliminate undesirable traits, as so many parents on this website did. But that second may not quite be the bottom yet- the bottom for the eugenics fork will be in the new healthcare plan, where the government's "exchange" plans will be quite happy to let a medicare mother have a $600 abortion, but will balk at the $4000 birth.


rootvg said...

Whoa there! Is this the same reflexively liberal Ted Seeber I knew from Usenet in the eighties?

Good Lord! What a revelation. You made my day.

Welcome to the club.

Ted Seeber said...

We all grow up sometime. Two big things that caused me to grow up: The recessions of 2001 and 2008, and my 1999-2000 diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. Also becoming a Knight of Columbus (was always Catholic, but on the liberal side of Catholicism until recently).

rootvg said...

Ted, would it be possible to add you as a contact in Yahoo? We need to talk.

Ted Seeber said...

I'm not on Yahoo- but I am on Google Talk. ted.seeber at ptiglobal net is my gmail chat address.

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