Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are Reagan Catholics really Marxists in disguise?

I just had to respond to this Inside Catholic Blog Posting on boomer Catholics. She's absolutely right, as far as it goes. But look at this description of the atheist Marxist agenda:

Communism spreads its errors into new societies with a three-phase movement. First, its covert agents use anti-government and anti-Church propaganda to spread social discontent in the targeted nation or population. The agents aim to promote anti-government revolution, either violent or non-violent, which makes possible their ultimate goal: the complete communist takeover of governmental power.

Does that sound like the modern left to you? It doesn't to me. It sounds like the very Reganites who hide behind small government propaganda (anti-government propaganda) and a disordered form of subsidarity known as individualism (anti-Church propaganda, at least for the traditional church teaching of the communion of saints and the idea we're all in this TOGETHER, not separately- subsidarity must be balanced with solidarity), and in the separation of taxes from services received, promote anti-government revolution.

And before you think I'm leaning on the GOP too much- along comes the New Democrats under Obama and Clinton to finish the revolution by decreeing Wall Street to be party members and all the rest of us to be pond scum, unworthy of their great bailouts and horribly unjust trade progroms.

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