Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been about a month

But it's been the busiest month of my life. FIVE weekends away from home.

So I just this week returned to Economic Populist, and got myself into trouble right away for insisting on the Classical Economics definition of wealth with respect to day trading:

Note that right after chastising ME for being outside of economic Theory, Robert Oak posts a comment titled "Adam Smith was wrong"- well, if you're just going to change economic theory on a whim, you can't expect everybody else to keep up.

This led to me pulling an instapopulist on this story as well:

Which admittedly came from a slashdot post, from that well known Conspiracy Theorist and Georgia Farmer, Zogger:

Which Robert Oak objected to because I used the term Gross World Product interchangibly with Global Gross Domestic Product.

I still would like to know what the difference between global (all human communities) and the world (all human communities) is. But that's just my autism talking. I have a feeling I'll be banned again soon.


Eiko Onoda said...

Gross World Product interchangibly with Global Gross Domestic Product.

GWP is defined from human perspective.
GGDP is defined from regional perspective.

GGDP doesn't change even if men bear wealth in space, open sea, and in Antarctic.

Ted Seeber said...

Thanks Eiko- that might explain the difference. GWP would include all those oil ships at sea waiting for the price to increase. I can't imagine there being great assets in the Antarctic or space at this point, at least, not more than a few million dollar's worth.

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