Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is pro-homosexuality anti-child?

Or better yet, is it a component of being pro-homosexual to believe in the overpopulation myth to the point of being for the extinction of the human race?

Tony Jones asked the difficult question theologically, about what was sinful about a homosexual, MONOGAMOUS relationship. The answer I finally reached is this: That under John Paul II's theology of the body, sex for recreation alone will always be inferior to sex for procreation and unification. And to remove either procreation (sex in a couple that is naturally infertile) or unification (sex in a couple that is either not married or intends to get divorced) also degrades the concept irreparably.

So therefore, I have to ask the question- what is the ultimate purpose of homosexuality in a society? And I can only think of ONE purpose- to end that society with a degraded form of sexuality that is neither procreative nor unitive.

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