Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real Paleoconservatives don't like free markets

I had a reply to this but it either wasn't "fact based" enough or not economics enough. Or I messed up trying to post it. At any rate, it better belongs here than on EP anyway:

Americans are weird creatures. Our liberals like progress, our conservatives like freedom. Between the two, we have no real liberals (who prefer status quo utopias that attempt to maximize freedom) or real conservatives (who prefer status quo utopias that attempt to maximize order).

Our conservatives crave freedom more than order; and so support the chaos of the free market and think that getting the Chinese to float the Yuan will magically erase the trade deficit; where real conservatives would probably either ban Chinese trade outright or use a public corporation charter to limit imports from China to be equal to exports to China.

Our liberals prefer progress- and thus are often for change regardless of who the change hurts, merely for the sake of change and trying out something new.

Between the two- a middle class whose very lives depend on having a status quo that stays the same instead of a roller coaster ride of a gambling business cycle, gets squished every time.

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