Monday, July 20, 2009

Homophobia=Fear of Rape

I'm sure many people will disagree with what I write in this blog, that's OK, it's your right to disagree, and I'm not going to censor anything. But my grandmother taught me to read Ann Landers- and when her daughter Amy took over the column, I started reading that too. Today's first letter completely missed the real worry- and mislabeled it as simple discrimination or homophobia. I give Amy and the University only 1/2 point though.

Would you put a female lesbian in a dorm room with a straight 18 year old human male? Would you put a female heterosexual in a dorm room with a straight 18 year old human male?

No, because in both those scenarios, the chance of rape is actually quite high. It might not happen still, but being forced to enjoy one another's company long periods will cause at least the fear of rape in the female. Either that or it will turn into a romance.

So why would a straight male, roomed with a homosexual male, feel any different than the females in the above two scenarios? And if he doesn't want a "Bromance", what's he supposed to do?

Considering this led me to realize my own homophobia, is indeed a fear of rape. And possibly my gluttony is a subconscious reaction to my homophobia. But both are valid fears- and need to be addressed if GLBT people want to end discrimination.

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