Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why I'm pro-life

Because feminists like this mother would like to exterminate a "disability" that just might be the next step in human evolution: autism.


Josh said...

Joey is in the process of being diagnosed with Aspergers. You don't have offspring to have the perfect child, otherwise there is no point in procreating. Some are more difficult than others, but that's what being a parent is about, right?

The nice thing is that there is help understanding how these children think, so the parents can learn how to raise the children. If you try to raise an autistic as you would a 'normal' child, you will be stressed... it's learning how they think so you know what they are thinking when they do something to realize when it actually is misbehavior, and if so how to explain it in terms they can understand.

Next form of evolution? Lets see: high level of rational thought, less or no concern with society norms, more black/white emotions... I think you may be on to something...

Ted Seeber said...

EXACTLY my thoughts- Christopher has Cerebral Palsy in the language center of his brain, thankfully very mild. I call his disability "anti-autism"; where I'm almost like Spock or Dennis from that old sitcom Head of the Class; Christopher's extroverted personality makes him like John Travolta's character Vinnie Barbarino from Welcome Back Kotter.

And that's also exactly right- the key to these kids is to learn how THEY think, not raise them as normal kids.

"Next form of evolution" along with "feminist conspiracy" I must admit to not inventing. These are common conspiracy theories on any internet discussion group where autistics gather these days. Something about being good with computers, and the 1:3 ratio of boys to girls being diagnosed with AC spectrum disorders, kind of points to that.

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