Friday, May 29, 2009

Value Added Tax WTO treason

A very good article on the main thing that is wrong with the WTO and a major cause of current US Stagflation. It's much nicer than I would have been, for instance:

The failure to properly classify VAT rebate schemes as an unfair subsidy within the context of the GATT has proven to be a monumental error on the part of U.S. trade negotiators.

No, the failure to properly classify VAT rebate schemes as a subsidy within the context of the GATT is TREASON on the part of US trade negotiators and should be punished as such.

Based on this, I propose two potential solutions more in keeping with the progressive nature of the United States:

1. An ITYT- Intermodal Transfer Yard Tax. This would be an indirect volume/mile tax on all shipping that goes through an intermodal transfer yard. It'd be much like a national sales tax, but *local* products shipped *locally* would be exempt. It would cover *both* imports and exports equally, but create jobs in the United States by creating taxation on goods shipped more than a few miles.

2. When the WTO challenge comes, use it politically to unilaterally pull out of the GATT, NAFTA, and GATS treaties entirely, and hold all WTO representatives that are within US territory as either traitors or foreign agents, and try them under the espionage laws currently on the books.

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