Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Lack of Repect for Age and History

I'm emerged in three basic discussions right now:
1. Economic- this very old former FDR Administration economist tells us exactly how bad off we really are, restoring confidence is key, and the lack of confidence was due to the ignorance of historic perspective.
2. Religions- the Emergent Church & postmodernism is busy reinventing the wheel again, this time on Orthodoxy.
3. Government in general- I take a smaller is better approach, not just in terms of libertarian small government, but actually smaller regional government. We may never have Cascadia as separatists like myself have dreamed of since the novel Ecotopia came out, but we need to start looking at self-sufficient regions as a new economic and governmental model.


Eiko Onoda said...

>we need to start looking at self-sufficient regions as a new economic and governmental model.

Very good. I think it's a more realistic approach.

Traffic means was closely related to the form of country, government. In the past 'sea' made a natural barrier between regions. Inside the continent 'mountains' played the similar role on them.

Now sea and mountains made no significant meaning any more in defining the borderlines. Airplanes can connect the regions beyond any geographical obstacles. Means of communication goes far more. Letters are not sent by hands, but signals.

Ted Seeber said...

Yes, but for how long? All of those technological miracles that defeat borders come at a cost- use of energy that is not renewable on anything less than geologic scale.

We may need a period dealing with "letters sent by signals" alone, which in and of itself might not be a bad thing.

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