Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Big To Succeed

The problem with the United States, IS the United States. We have, thanks to Article I Section 10 of the Constitution, an economy that is Too Big to Succeed, when we really need to have 50 economies that are too small to fail.

By preventing individual states from forming their own economy, from coining their own money, from protecting their own industry with tariffs and armies, most states end up physically owned by outsiders- mortgages held by interstate banks, international corporations owned thousands of acres of land, mining and energy companies being given sweetheart deals in Washington to tear down our mountains and dig up our natural resources, and for what? So that we can be taxed and pay usury until we're all in poverty?

The federalist experiment has failed. The Too Big To Succeed financial industry has killed it. Time to try something new.

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Eiko Onoda said...

Hi, Ted..

Seems to me you are preoccupied by the idea of Cascadia. I visited Cascadia twice. One time from crossing Rocky mountains, second time from California. Portland is one of my most favourite cities in the US, together with Baltimore.

Geographically speaking Cascadia -Portlnd, Seattle, and Vancouver area is very different from the rest of the continent and right, very far from another Washington.

Once King reigns and rules. From Magna Carta he reigns but not rule. Some year ago government rules and concerns us, but now goverment rules yet not concern what its people think, do, etc.

You are US citizen, I am Japanese national, but what does it mean anything? Nothing.

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