Monday, March 23, 2009

On the localization of the economy

I've heard it recently argued against localization that the Constitution of the United States reserves the right to coin money and make treaties. Turns out that is only partially right, but in the next few days, I'm going to be writing a proposed Amendment to modify Article I, Section 8 to read, in it's first line, Congress and the State Legislatures, and to strike Section 9 entirely.

The reason for this? USA, inc., like AIG and many of the large banks now taking TARP funds, has become Too Big to Succeed. And what do we do in this country when a monopoly becomes too big to succeed? The same thing we did with AT&T- Regionalize it.

The grand experiment of free trade between states has failed. It's time to replace it with something that makes more sense.


Eiko Onoda said...

>Too Big to Succeed

Turns out that will be right soon.

It is very important for the local economy to stand firmy.

Ted Seeber said...

And right now, sections 8 & 9 are standing in the way of any local economy in the United States that has good reason to go protectionist. Congress has the final say over interstate commerce, and Congress is mandated by those sections to be free trade.

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