Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The economic use of facebook

A huge part of my problem as an autistic is networking. I'm just not very good at it. Ok, I stink rotten eggs at it. But recently, a relative of an old girlfriend and an old classmate asked me to join facebook. I've been avoiding those social networking sites for ages- seems to me it's the preppy thin social veneer to a section of my life that is seriously odd and deep. And thus, I've avoided it as a waste of time.

I shouldn't have. Facebook has enough of my past acquaintances on there to do what linkedin, plaxo, and classmates promised to do but failed to do- build me a social network easily and quickly, allowing me to spam my resume far and wide while rekindling old friendships.

It occurs to me, that this would be an excellent way to take advantage of all of those multi-level marketing schemes that I fail at because I can't build networks.


Eiko Onoda said...

You are just ordinary.
Social networking is a tool for incompetant people who can't stand being independent.

They rely too much on interdependent, anyway they are dependent on each other.

Only those who feel anxiety and have not enough confident get together and make a group.

Ted Seeber said...

There are three stages of life:

As children we are dependent upon our parents.

As young adults, we taste independence, or so we think, not seeing the web that supports us.

As we get older, interdependence becomes necessary once again- but the difference is that this time, we have the ability to give as well as take.

The wise man is interdependent- knowing that he cannot do everything alone.

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