Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Japan, Russia

Paul Krugman claims we're heading for Japan's lost decade. I think I agree more though that what we're really hading for is the utter collapse of Capitalism, in other words, Russia's lost half-decade as Dmitry Orlov points out.

Good thing I've got that Mormon-and-German-Apostolic-Christian inspired 2 years of food supplies, from my upbringing. It might have been hard as an autistic interested in technology putting up with them in grade school and their 19th century ideas about family values and farming, but in the end, the pain may well be worth it.


Frank said...

Sometimes mathematical proofs, charts, graphs and other "indicators" are superfluous. Intuition, common sense and feeling a part of consensus opinion are the real corroboration. And if you are wrong, who cares!

I have followed your comments and posts on EP, along with some of the other fine writers there. Still, it is a main stream blog looking for technical verification of opinion. Nothing wrong with that, it is an indicator to which opinion group one ultimately belongs. But it is but one of many economic blogs.

My purpose in commenting here is to say, I think I agree with a lot of what you say. I certainly agree with your conclusion here, the collapse of Capitalism is underway. To this end, I also wanted to recommend another blog for perusal. I think this blog may be the best all around econ/finance/political econ blog out there.

I'll be back to see what you think.

Ted Seeber said...

That looks like something I'd like to participate in. No time today due to an office move, but I'll certainly be adding that to my list of blogs that I read next week. And since it's blogspot, I'm already registered.

Eiko Onoda said...

Some say Japan's lost decade..but they didn't lose anything. One thing they lost is only illusion, so I guess they are more realistic right now.

Illusion...they are somebody.
Reality..they are one of them.

Ted Seeber said...

Yes, these "depressions" and "recessions" feel like we're losing wealth & time- but in a Zen reality, both wealth and time are indeed illusion.

But I do find it interesting that Japanese Business men no longer book golf vacations near my house in Oregon, like they used to.

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