Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I've been saying all along about the economy

David Suzuki is a Canadian Naturalist famous for popular science style TV programs.  He's finally saying in this article something that I haven't heard many people say:

The economy is not a force of nature, some kind of immutable, infallible entity. We created it, and when cracks appear, it makes no sense to simply shovel on more money to keep it going. Because it’s a human invention, an economy is something we should be able to fix – but if we can’t, we should toss it out and replace it with something better.

He's saying, in this article, that we should slow growth down for environmental reasons.  Well, I've got a slightly better reason for him that includes the environment.

The purpose of the economy is to make sure every human being on this planet is guaranteed their first level Maslow needs, and with a lot of hard work and inborn talent, might achieve their higher level Maslow wants.

Any economy that fails to do that, including because of global climate change eliminating native villages in the Arctic and the South Pacific- needs to be scrapped and redesigned.  Anything less is failing to live up to the great ideals of the six largest and oldest religions on the planet.  So if you believe in God or Buddha or Confucious or even many gods, in fact, if you're anything other than a money worshiper whose biggest temple is Wall Street; then you can no longer support this failed economic system.

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