Thursday, November 20, 2008

Purpose and Hello

After many years of journal entries and posting in other people's blogs, including being an editor on Technocrat, a major contributer to Slashdot and Economic Populist, and Clear Blue Water, I've decided to create my own blog.  Here's why.

In recent days, I've had some thoughts that just don't fit anyplace else.  A serious discussion on Clear Blue Water about Autism, the loss of the auto industry bailout on Technocrat & EP, my recent trip to the coast and a discussion with my brother on the maintenance of electric boat engines vs gas, have all led me to create a new blog.  Posts will be within these limits, and don't expect any extra stuff put into this.

As to Outside the Asylum- that's the name of Wonko the Sane's house from Douglas Adams' So Long and Thanks For All the Fish.  That's my view of the world.  I realize, intellectually, that I have a mental disorder- Asperger's- but from my point of view, I am sane, it's the rest of the world that has gone completely nuts.  Wonko thus built his house inside out- tried to decorate the "inside" of the Asylum such that allows the poor insane world to heal a bit, and then never once again set foot past the doorway above which he put the instructions from a packet of toothpicks- the thing that proved to him that the rest of the world had gone insane.  

From time to time, I'll point my slashdot journal, EP, and Clear Blue Water posts here, but mainly to those articles that fit whatever it is I'm talking about in them.  I have no purpose to this blog other than to absorb the thoughts that I get obsessed by- so that I can get them out ans leave them to history, and get on with more important things.


mercedo said...

I feel much more humanity from this blog.

Ted Seeber said...

For various meanings of the term "humanity", I would suspect....many of us (ASA/AC/Autistics) don't entirely feel human.

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