Monday, August 12, 2019

Which blog does this go to?

It says, Outside the Asylum, but the last two things I posted here, went to the Knights of Columbus blog.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Unplanned the Movie: My review

We just saw this movie, in the last 3 hours. 

I've made no secret about being pro-life; but I've always avoided the gory details.  In this case, however, the gory details are essential to the story line, they are essential to Abby Johnson's story.  There has been a lot written elsewhere about the rating.  I've got to say that I too disagree with the MPAA on the rating of R- I saw nothing that exceeded the level of violence of other movies rated PG-13. 

Having said that, in the first 50 minutes of this movie, you will see depictions of the death of 30 people.  30 unborn children.  And the near death experience of one teenage mother whose abortion goes horribly, utterly wrong (after all, 1:1000 abortions end up with the mother in the emergency room, fighting for her own life).

The timeline was rather confusing- the first part of the movie jumped back and forth in time, not telling the story chronologically- first you saw the abortion that caused Abby Johnson to quit, then we jumped to 8 years earlier when she was still in college, then two years before that for her own first abortion and failed first marriage, then back to 8 years earlier, then progressing normally until we saw the abortion a 2nd time, this time with protesters right outside praying over barrels of "medical waste". 

Then of course came her resignation- her first time praying outside of the clinic she once ran- the silly lawsuit Planned Parenthood filed to try to silence her (which of course she won, after a rather confusing scene that was played for drama).

A very good movie to see, but given that it will soon be out of theaters, I recommend watching it as a family at home where you can pause the action to talk as a family when people watching it get upset.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Immigration crazy idea of the day

Put visa issuance under the Bureau of Land Management, with orders to divest the federal government of as much land as possible.  Use homesteading rules- and only allow people in who are willing to work to improve the land over 5 years.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Synergistic solutions for a damaged Church

Several good Bishops have a bad problem- generations of abuse and homosexuality in the seminaries have devastated the population of priests.  There is hope for the future- these Bishops who are willing to embrace transparency and action on abuse cases are rewarded with an increase (sometimes a miraculous increase)  in vocations; however, the demographic hole still exists.

Due to this, many rural populations find themselves with either a closed parish or a circuit riding priest, there not being enough priests left to provide pastors for every situation.

At the same time, bad bishops, in a misguided attempt to stem the tide of ridiculously large scandals, are turning to punishing whistleblowers who dare to preach against sexuality in the priesthood (after all, only 80% of the problem is homosexuality, the rest are heterosexuals with "Secret Families"), and if they do, they are quickly removed from being pastors and either have to run for their lives or get sentenced to lives of prayer and penance in the church's equivalent of insane asylums.

Since rural populations are often far more conservative than urban populations, I suggest that an obvious solution exists.  Good Bishops on the west side of the Rockies and in the North, should accept, with some investigation, priests that cannot, for whatever reason, obtain a letter of credentials from their former bishops.  These priests should be given parishes in remote small communities, where they are likely to not only find support from parishioners, but are given a real chance at service.

Friday, September 28, 2018

This is not a job interview

I wish I could embed this.  Perhaps someday I'll find a youtube link to it.  But when defending a conservative, CNN video is a pretty good link,

This is what has gone wrong with America.
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