Monday, November 24, 2014

BBC News - Sex 'emerged in ancient Scottish lake'

The name of the fish that Rabbi Sacks referred to at the Vatican:

BBC News - Sex 'emerged in ancient Scottish lake': "Microbrachius dicki"

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Somehow, that just fits.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Monogamy Made Us Human | National Review Online

Monogamy Made Us Human | National Review Online:

A very interesting theory indeed, that claims that the very thing that sets western civilization apart, is the very thing we are abandoning.

A worthy, worthy cause

Archbishop Sample has asked My Knights Council to support Building the Domestic Church, the Family Fully Alive. But we're too new of a council, in too unsupportive of a parish, to fully fund our launch. We need a $310 license for showing movies under the DMCA, and we only have half that amount.

If you are a follower of mine in this blog, you already know that I'm struggling with my hope over the last couple of years. Despair is something I keep tripping over.

I see my volunteering for this program as being a major step towards beginning to have hope again, beginning to find my way to hope that Catholic families will continue at St. Clare's.

If you can spare a couple of bucks for this purpose- for getting families more involved in their faith and towards us drawing families in with a movie night on December 12- then click on the Donate button below. Knights of Columbus is a 501c8, so give only if you can out of your generosity, you can't write off donations to fraternal societies.

Seven views of Eden

"The love that brings new life into the world" - Rabbi Sacks on the institution of marriage - Rabbi Sacks

The first, according to a report in the press on 20th October of this year, took place in a lake in Scotland 385 million years ago. It was then, according to this new discovery, that two fish came together to perform the first instance of sexual reproduction known to science. Until then all life had propagated itself asexually, by cell division, budding, fragmentation or parthenogenesis, all of which are far simpler and more economical than the division of life into male and female, each with a different role in creating and sustaining life.
When we consider, even in the animal kingdom, how much effort and energy the coming together of male and female takes, in terms of displays, courtship rituals, rivalries and violence, it is astonishing that sexual reproduction ever happened at all. Biologists are still not quite sure why it did. Some say to offer protection against parasites, or immunities against disease. Others say it’s simply that the meeting of opposites generates diversity. But one way or another, the fish in Scotland discovered something new and beautiful that’s been copied ever since by virtually all advanced forms of life. Life begins when male and female meet and embrace.

You can go to the link to read the rest- but Adam and Eve is the END of the story, not the beginning. I've been fond of saying that homosexuality denies 6000 years of human history and research into marriage, and while that is true, I think I'm now going to change it to say that homosexuality denies 385 million years of evolution.

Monday, November 17, 2014

When bad science meets bad religion

You get such nonsense as the Historical Jesus who somehow seems to morph to fit the theology of whoever is writing about him.

The same phenomenon exists in every form of science used to prove political theories.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

All Martyrs are volunteers

So ISIS has beheaded another American. But what I don't see anybody pointing out, is that all the Americans so far who have met this end, volunteered for the mission. Probably not intelligently, likely not purposefully, but by traveling to the Middle East during this internal conflict in Islam that has been going on for the past two centuries, they put themselves in this situation willingly.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What all modernists need to see

The best description of the debate I've seen yet. Too bad we've lost the debate already- and the culture has become irrational because of it.
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