Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Super crazy political theory of the week

Republicans vs Democrats is not as deep a divide in morality as cosmopolitan vs rural.

It is impossible for a Democrat to lose in a majority urban voting block; it is equally impossible for a Republican to lose in a majority rural voting block. But where you live dictates your core principles far more than what party you belong to. A rural person is going to be far less tolerant of evil, far more pro-human-life, for where he lives, humans are rare. An urban person is far more likely to tolerate evil, for how else is he to get along with his neighbors less than 100 feet away?

Monday, October 27, 2014

What did I say?

Suddenly, I'm getting a lot of followers on Disqus. They appear to be from Turkey, or at least, that region of the world. I'd love to know what I posted to gain this following, so I'm posting this in my blog and will comment on it, in hopes that a few of my new followers will see it and tell me: What did I say?

Surprises aren't random

Apparently, I've gotten caught between my knowledge of language and the Jesuit tendency to use language in new and novel ways. "The God of Surprises" doesn't actually refer to God at all, but merely to man's inability to see the future with clarity.

Surprise! You're not God. But since when did you expect to be God?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Synod that started the sexual revolution

Lambeth on Contraceptives

Will we have a repeat from the German and Italians in Rome as they contemplate 5 sacraments instead of 7?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My problem with Jesuits....and Romans, and Italians

Sorry, but the synod’s draft report is no earthquake | One professor, who was absolutely no liberal, said: “All sexual relations have a positive element to them; even when a man visits a prostitute, he may not know it, but he is looking for something good, and that is positive.”

That statement, in and of itself, sounds extremely liberal to me to the point of denying the existence of evil. I have a huge problem with the position of Aquinas, Augustine, Romans, Italians, and the Jesuits on this point, because if we aren't working for God, then surely we have joined the Standard of the other Army. A choice needs to be made- for good or for evil. And I see no good in the privation of the good.
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