Thursday, January 21, 2016

On abortion, greed, and generosity

I made the rather radical comment in a post on the March for Life that in the United States, a primary motivator for abortion is capitalistic greed.  I was challenged that it isn't greed, but fear.  However, fear is the primary emotion of greed, and thus:

Greed is always based in fear and mistrust. In a fear of man and a mistrust in God. We preserve our own resources because we fear other human beings will take those resources away, and because we don't trust God to provide us what we will need.
Generosity is the antithesis of Greed. It takes the fear and steps out in the faith of sharing with others. It takes the mistrust and changes it to trust- that what you share with "the least of these" will be returned in sufficient amounts for you to survive.
I myself have struggled with greed and generosity- and I find that when I am more generous, that generosity is returned when I am in need.
There is good reason to fear a pregnancy in a culture of death, where greed defeats generosity, where marriage is degraded (the number one predictor of female poverty in America is divorce) where even grandparents would rather their grandchildren killed than to add another name to the will, another heir to split the estate among.
Where radical generosity- the father actually marrying the mother and providing her and the child with a home, the grandparents welcoming a grandchild regardless of the circumstances of conception or disability- changes everything. It becomes a culture of life. And life given, no matter how short, is life returned.

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