Sunday, November 8, 2015

Please Pray for a former member of our council

From St Clare Sisters in the Spirit:
Dear friends,
   Please pray for Gary Lane, a parishioner who is dealing with cancer of the throat. He has been a faithful reader for the last couple of years. And let's remember to continue to support Georgette Spacarelli as she goes through 5 weeks of radiation therapy. 
   I have a beautiful Sunday evening prayer which is labeled a "Traditional Jewish Prayer". I always find it reassuring that the best of all faith traditions have so much in common. I feel sure that makes God smile!
    "Grant us peace, goodness, and blessing; life, grace and kindness; justice and mercy,  Our Father, bless us all together with the light of your presence, for in the light of your presence you give us law and life, love and kindness, justice and mercy, blessing and peace.  And in your eyes it is good to bless your people with great strength and peace. Blessed are you, Lord, who bless your people with peace.  Amen." Amen. Amen
He may no longer be our brother in our order, but he is our brother in Christ.

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