Monday, October 19, 2015

How to end homelessness in Oregon once and for all

A legislative scheme to end homelessness in Oregon:

Step 1.  Take back 5 million acres of BLM Land from the Federal Government.
Step 2.  Create a birthright homestead lottery in which every child born in Oregon in the last 150 years, is granted a random acre of land.  This land grant is for this person only, cannot be bought or sold, and is returned to the state in whatever condition it is in upon the person's death.  It can be built upon,
Step 3.  A birthright acre can be developed.  It can be rented.  The mineral rights can be leased.  It can be farmed.  It can be used to collect water for whatever water falls on it from the sky.
Step 4:  Any resident, after two weeks, can qualify for a $50,000 1% 15 year fixed mortgage for a pre-manufactured  house under 300 square feet with proof of rental or ownership of a birthright acre and sufficient income to repay the loan, from state funds.  Such a shelter shall contain a rainwater collection system, a composting toilet, and a solar oven, for complete self-sufficiency.

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