Thursday, September 24, 2015

Text of Pope Francis' speech to Congress - News -

Text of Pope Francis' speech to Congress - News -

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Funny how I couldn't find it at any of the national sites.  Here's my count, reading what I heard, of score between Republicans and Democrats:
Republican Jibes: 7

Democrat Jibes: 5

Neutral First World Jibes: 7

Left leaning?  a bit, yes.  Critical?  Certainly- I counted at least 19 insults against first Americans and what they seem to hold dear by their actions, 7 for the right wing, 5 for the left wing, 7 for all Americans.  But by holding up his four individual examples (not one strong pro-lifer among them- Dorothy Day stayed quite silent on the subject of abortion due to having had one herself, Thomas Merton fathered a child in his Cambridge days and then rejected the vocation implied by that to become a monk), he showed that even sinners can bring about great good.  And there is hope in that.

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