Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pope Francis vs Pope Francis

I'm praying this is more perception than reality, but the this seems downright schizophrenic to me.

In Laudato Si, the importance of an authentic human ecology- the standard nuclear family unit combined with the extended family as a basis for economic and human activity- is held up as an example of what we should strive for.  Human beings living in heterosexual lifelong monogamous  families consume fewer material goods, which is better for the environment and the world.

In Mitis Iudex Mitis Iudex (English Commentary, English translation not available yet), we relax the rules on annulment to insure that annulments are easier to obtain- and like the secular divorce that causes the need to examine a marriage to see if it ever existed in the first place- annulments tear apart the family, often quite violently.  Mitis Iudex seems to be a crime against an authentic human ecology.

This Pope is not a deep thinker- so perhaps he doesn't even see the connection that he himself has pointed out.  But it increases my own sin of despair when these contradictions happen.

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