Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crazy political idea of the week- any local Oregon State Reps want to run with this?

Agriculture in the Willamette Valley has changed since land use planning was passed in 1972. I recommend that Oregon start offering EFU (Exclusive Farm Use) landowners an optional zoning classification of TAU- Tourist Agricultural Use. Like EFU, TAU should come with some restrictions, just restrictions that better fit the idea of tourist farms:
  1. Once a farm gains TAU classification, it can no longer be subdivided, even if covered by an expanding urban growth boundary.

  2. Minimum 25% of land area must be for human food production of some sort.

  3. TAU farms may include onsite food processing, as long as food input is limited to food grown on either the same farm as the processing equipment or another nearby farm owned by the same family

  4. TAU farms are limited to single proprietorship inherited by biological family, and if sold, revert to EFU status, even if contained within an urban growth boundary.

  5. TAU farms may offer complementary services to consumers, such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, farm produce stores, wedding services, playgrounds, and restaurants, as long as such activities are restricted to 10% of the total land area owned by the family.

  6. TAU farms must include at least one single family dwelling for the caretaking portion of the family.

  7. All local ordinances for the various types of allowable enterprises apply.

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