Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The only Hackers in this story, are Hold Security

This story is proof to me that the New York Times takes bribes. Let me give you an alternate scenario:

American "White Hat" hacker wants to see how gullible people are. So he invents a story that he discovered 1.2 billion passwords hacked by a mysterious gang in Russia he calls CyberVor. He reports it through the New York Times, paying them to plant a false story. They hire "a security expert" that they do not name to verify at least that he's got a database of 1.2 billion fake e-mail addresses and fake passwords. He then offers on his website a "service" free for the first 30 days, $10/month thereafter, to let you enter your e-mail address and password to check against the fake database- at which point your e-mail address and password go into the real database, which he then sells at the upcoming "Black Hat" conference as proof that users are stupid.

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