Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The best thing yet on the War On Terror

Once again, a terrorist group claims to speak for Islam, and once again, those claiming that Islam is ONLY violent have come out of the woodwork asking the question Why won't muslims condemn terrorism? I suggest going to that link to find the answer.

Friday, August 22, 2014

I need to watch this

Watch "The Economic Underworld of Social Credit | Gary N…" on YouTube

This isn't about what I thought it was about. Instead, it's generalized rules for building social credit. Rules like:

Start with a text
Stick to the text
Get to the point
Call them to commit
Give them legitimate hope

It's from the Mises Institute, so it's ideologically impure. But Catholics and Libertarians do have a lot in common; especially since they're both minorities in morality. What this video is really about, every leader should know.

Ok, I've listened to it- and the ending was highly disappointing. Don't trust government is his entire real message. Sad. That's where I always part with the libertarians- because a good Catholic knows there is a form of government he CAN trust- a decentralized government that respects solidarity and subsidiarity.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why divine mercy is not indifferentism

One has no need to forgive a virtue. Only sins need forgiving. Likewise, a perfect man like Jesus Christ gives mercy; he doesn't need it himself. Divine Mercy Conquers Sin with Forgiveness.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The only Hackers in this story, are Hold Security

This story is proof to me that the New York Times takes bribes. Let me give you an alternate scenario:

American "White Hat" hacker wants to see how gullible people are. So he invents a story that he discovered 1.2 billion passwords hacked by a mysterious gang in Russia he calls CyberVor. He reports it through the New York Times, paying them to plant a false story. They hire "a security expert" that they do not name to verify at least that he's got a database of 1.2 billion fake e-mail addresses and fake passwords. He then offers on his website a "service" free for the first 30 days, $10/month thereafter, to let you enter your e-mail address and password to check against the fake database- at which point your e-mail address and password go into the real database, which he then sells at the upcoming "Black Hat" conference as proof that users are stupid.

Monday, August 4, 2014

First time I've ever quoted from the Premium This Is True

It's usually a very fine publication. I won't even tell you what story this tagline is from. To find out, you'll have to subscribe to the Premium version of This Is True. However, on to the discussion:

Here’s a hint: if both major parties can agree that it’s a dumb idea, it’s probably a dumb idea.

Some of us are so cynical, so fed up with the Democrats and Republicans, that we think that both major parties agreeing that something is a dumb idea, is a pretty darn good indication that it's a good idea. So good that closer to November, I'm likely to write a blog post on this particular idea, specifically for Californicators.

The topics I most need feedback on

Are the ones nobody ever comments on. For instance, why is the Jesuit "Charitable Interpretation" not simply a presumption of lack of sin?
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