Sunday, July 20, 2014

What happens when you try to cheat somebody with Asperger's

The letter I intend to send to Lifewise Insurance and the State, which are claiming that denial of care for the first $10,500 is the standard Bronze Level Affordable Health Care contract in Oregon. Upon review, they are correct. You pay the premiums, and they do nothing, unless you happen to use more than $10,500 worth of services, at which point they finally step in and do something. ----------------------------------------- I clearly was not given the opportunity to review this Policy Information Sheet before signing. It is equally clear that I signed up for insurance in which I pay premiums and get nothing back until I spend over $10,500 in a year for my family. The enclosed bill for preventative care that I received from my doctor’s office proves this goes far beyond just prescriptions, and well into denial of care; however it is within the terms of the contract. I have no doubt that I have now been told the truth; and that the Affordable Care Act minimums are somehow worse for my particular situation than the plan I had before that did not somehow meet those minimums. Apparently, health insurance that actually bothers to pay something for care, is not within those minimums. You asked how you can avoid these problems in the future. I suggest a big flashing warning on all Bronze Level plans on Cover Oregon: This Plan Will Not Pay Any Claim Until the Full Deductible Is Met, Even if it Pushes Your Family Into Bankruptcy. Where I come from, in Silverton, Oregon, we have a name for a contract like that- fraudulent. However, it is apparently now clearly allowed by the big city lawyers who have rewritten our laws to be against the consumer in every instance. Luckily, as of July 21, I have the chance to sign up for group insurance for my family, and will be doing so. I will remember to avoid any Bronze Level “Affordable Care Act” plan in the future, as it is clear that my government is in collusion with the insurance companies, and such plans are neither Affordable nor Care. Please cancel my Bronze Level Plan, and we will be sending this letter instead of our August Premium. Maybe one day we’ll have the violent revolution we need to get our country back from people who write contracts to avoid actually doing anything for the money they receive, but I’m not holding my breath. I have no faith left that my government is actually doing anything to deserve my taxes.

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