Monday, June 16, 2014

I said it before

In 1992, when I was a liberal protesting the First Gulf War, I said it. I said that getting involved in the middle east would breed jihadis willing to attack America. In 2003 I said it. I said leaving Afghanistan to go have an adventure in Iraq would just breed more terrorists to attack again in a decade. In 2014, many Iraqi cities fell to Islamic Jihadists. And I will say it again. A military solution to tribal problems will just result in more Jihadists a decade from now. Please don't make me say it again in 2025.

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Theodore Seeber said...

News is that Obama is going to make sure Iran and ISIS get into a battle over what is left of Iraq.

God save the Kurds. God save the Chaldean Catholics. Because it appears nobody else will.

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