Monday, March 3, 2014

While I'm waiting for the rest of the bloggers to catch up

I have found a way out of my despair.
I'm going to start preaching indiscriminate charity. It occurs to me that the appropriate response to the world turning its back on Christ, is to bring Christ to the World.
And I have an idea how to do it. Just needs some research into a disruptive technology idea.
A quick google shows that the main machinery would cost about $3000. So for $6000, I could start experimenting with pill sized vegetable seed bombs.
Take a relatively small seed, like carrots or some other high calorie, high nutrition density vegetable. Mix with dirt, run through the pill press into little pills, easy to carry anywhere. Scatter these pills in urban areas and in the third world, where there are people. Repeat every year as often and as large as possible.
Truly indiscriminate charity- anybody can harvest, anybody can eat.

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