Monday, January 27, 2014

The problem isn't instinct. The problem is destroying the definition of Love

Sometimes I think that God is keeping John on this earth to teach us all that love isn't sex. You see, John is a discalced Carmelite, but he's also suffering from Marfan Syndrome, which means against all odds he is not only a strong pro-life father, but has also lived about 30 years past his predicted lifespan to raise those children. Marfan Syndrome, being genetic, means that he's also raising a child with Marfan Syndrome.

I can think of no better person to teach us what is wrong with the argument that marriage is only about love.


Theodore Seeber said...

I don't care what goes on in the typical day of a same sex couple. There is a good deal more to marriage than sex- but everything else is impossible with a same sex couple (like procreation).

Theodore Seeber said...

Exactly, I'm a Catholic. I don't understand why that comes as a surprise to you, but I for one am not surprised that you are a bigot.

Theodore Seeber said...

Everything else is impossible?

Why everything else when it is only procreation that you are referring to? And that's not impossible either.

Theodore Seeber said...

I'm the bigot? That's a good one.

Theodore Seeber said...

Really? You know how to make two sperm into a human being?

You left sanity behind a long time ago Bill.

The ONLY thing marriage is good for, is raising children, and every independent non-biased study shows that gay people are very bad at that.

All this stuff about needing benefits from the government, is really about cheating the taxpayer.

Theodore Seeber said...

Yes, you are. You're bigoted against Catholic Civilization, due to a preference for nothing more than animal instinct.

Theodore Seeber said...

Not wanting Catholic morality imposed on all of society is no more bigoted than opposing Sharia law or any other religiously motivated rules to be imposed on other people. You'd be happy if we all answered to the Pope. I'm not a bigot because I oppose that.

Theodore Seeber said...

A surrogate mother or artificial insemination is all that is needed for a same sex couple to procreate. It's not rocket science.

No one is cheating anyone. They have the same rights to the benefits that come with marriage as you do.

Theodore Seeber said...

If you are opposing Sharia Law in an Islamic country, you too would be a bigot.

You are a bigot because you support the suppression of others. Doesn't matter why.

Theodore Seeber said...

Using a surrogate mother would make the reproduction heterosexual.

Using artificial insemination makes the reproduction heterosexual.

In both cases you still need a sperm and an egg. Just you're cheating the opposite gender parent out of the right to be a parent.

Theodore Seeber said...

I suppose that by that reasoning that makes me a bigot if I oppose Catholic Canon Law in a Catholic Country like Vatican City or...???

Theodore Seeber said...

What is your point Ted?

Why do you care if one of the parents is not biological? I can't see how that is a legitimate argument against same sex marriage.

I notice that just about every argument you make is eventually being shot down by society. You seem to be against social progress in any and all forms. I'm surprised that you are even for civil rights and equality for women. Or are you against those social advancements too?

Theodore Seeber said...

My point is that you're cheating the biological parent out of the rights of being a parent.

I don't care one whit about your incredibly corrupt "society" and its apparent wish to regress into barbarity and animal behavior. That isn't progress at all.

And please, the only reason you're for abortion is because you want to cheat on your wife.

Theodore Seeber said...

Yep. Or like a majority Catholic country like Italy or Brazil.

The United States will be majority Catholic one day soon, because your secular idiots can't breed.

Theodore Seeber said...

I am for abortion because I want to cheat on my wife?

Wow Ted. Get help.

Theodore Seeber said...

Secular people can't breed?

Do you mean gays can't?

Why can't secular people breed?

Can't or choose not to.

It doesn't matter. Most people listed as Catholic are in name only. Like me for example.

Theodore Seeber said...

More that secular people have chosen NOT to breed. Every single secular first world country is below replacement rate.

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